Many of you know someone with Autism. It is a very difficult condition to understand.

Autism is a developmental disorder that impacts the normal development of the brain. Sometimes noticeable soon after birth, it is usually diagnosed in children three to four years old and is characterized by: communication problems, difficulty in socializing, obsessive behaviors, self-injury, and, the inability to perform many simple daily functions. However, the symptoms vary from child to child.

What is significant is that is that 50% of autistic children have gastro-intestinal symptoms (compared to 10% of developmentally normal children).

Researchers have documented a consistent pattern of inflammation, leaky gut, abnormal digestive enzyme activity, yeast overgrowths (Candida Albicans), low levels of phenyl sulfur transferase and measles virus in the digestive tracts of autistic children. There also appears to be a solid link between autism and food intolerances including gluten and lactose. New Research shows Visbiome Probiotics help GI symptoms and anxiety. Read more. Visbiome Helps Autism Spectrum Disorder, Inside the Autistic Mind and Autism Information for Autistic Children

Many parents of autistic children are using natural based protocols with positive results.

Dr. Pam Recommends:

  1. Litmus Paper Test (PHP1000) to track acid/alkali balance. Hyperacidity is associated with overgrowth of pathogenic yeast and bacteria.
  2. Genova Lab CDSA & Parasitology Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis test (GSD2000). This comprehensive home stool test will give a better understanding of digestive function and gut microbial ecology. Pathogenic organism are grown out and both medical and natural agents are suggested by the lab.
  3. PerfectPass Probiotic (PSN2000) is a bacillus type, human strain probiotic supplement. Human strain probiotics are recognized by the body and will flourish in the gut. It is guaranteed to survive stomach acid 100% of the time. Only 1 capsule is needed per day. It may be opened and sprinkled on food. No refrigeration necessary.
  4. At the same time use 4 gm of PerfectPass Prebiotic (PSN1000) daily. This is the natural 'fertilizer' for probiotics made from PHGG. It does not feed bad bacteria or cause side effects. It is the one supplement that increases diversity of probiotics. That's what you want.
  5. Probiotics VSL#3, OMX1060 will help reduce symptoms on a daily basis naturally with no side effects. Visbiome (VIS2000) is also an excellent medical food that shows great results
  6. Fatty acids like Nordic Naturals (NNL1209) have been linked to improved behavior in autistic children.
  7. Garden of Life Fungal Defense (GAN8600) if Candida is determined.
  8. The Candida Cookbook (BUR1000) will help avoid foods that feed yeast. Breaking the Vicious Cycle (GOT1000) offers the Specific Carbohydrate Diet that works wonders for many kids.
  9. Immune Support powder: Perfect Pass Immune Support Powder (PSN4010) can be added to any smoothie. The formula boasts an ideal ratio of nutrients.
  10. Other Supplements: Take a look at the long list of helpful supplements below. In particular, Homeopathics are well tolerated. Spray vitamins are also a good option.

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