Probiotics is a general term for living microorganisms (bacteria or yeast) that are often called "friendly bacteria". They have considerable health benefits for your body.

The digestive system hosts over 500 different types of bacteria that keep your intestines healthy, assist in digesting food and boost your immune system. Probiotics balance the microorganisms naturally found in your body, reduce the harmful bacteria and help you develop healthy digestion.

Research is ongoing, but Probiotics help in treating both irritable and inflammatory bowel disorders, intestinal problems (bloating, diarrhea, gas and constipation), acne and eczema in children. There are indications that probiotics can help treat stomach ulcers, infections (urinary, vaginal, GI, sinus and respiratory) dental disease, allergies and liver disease. Tests are ongoing to determine if probiotics can prevent the recurrence of colon cancer.

There are many types of probiotics and different probiotics have different effects. To determine which probiotic is best for you, "Shop By Condition" or contact Dr. Pam for a consultation.

Dr. Pam Recommends:

  1. Perfect Pass Probiotic (PSN2000) is a unique human strain blend of 3 Bacillus spore strains that are found together in nature, in the identical form as they appear in the gut. Research shows that they survive stomach acid 100% of the time, that they reduce inflammation, control bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine (SIBO) and produce beneficial short chain fatty acids. It's a very good idea to feed your natural microbiome with prebiotics at the same time, Perfect Pass Prebiotic (PSN1000)
  2. Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra (GAN1036) is high potency broad spectrum probiotic that supports a healthy intestinal system and a balanced immune system -- which is the foundation to good health.
  3. Visbiome Probiotic Capsules (VIS1000) and Visbiome Probiotic Flavored Packets (VIS2000) Visbiome is a medical food intended for the dietary management of inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome and pouchitis. It is in the same concentration and proportions, and is manufactured using the same production technology as the VSL#3.
  4. VSL#3 Probiotic (VSL4000) and VSL#3 Probiotic Unflavored packets (VSL3000) are also probiotic medical foods that aid in the dietary management of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), UC (Ulcerative Colitis), pouchitis, or an ileal pouch.
  5. Dr Ohhira's Probiotic Professional (OMX1060) and Dr Ohhira's Probiotic Original (OMX2060) are award winning probiotic formulae that are highly recommended for people with digestive challenges like IBS, Leaky Gut, Diarrhea, Constipation, Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis. The Professional Formula has been fermented for 5 years and is more potent than the Original Formula that has been fermented for 3 years.
  6. Reg 'Active Immune & Vitality (REG1000), Reg'Activ Detox & Liver Health (REG2000), and Reg'Activ Cardio & Wellness (REG3000) all contain Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3, a proven probiotic that produces Glutathione the 'Master-Antioxidant' Choose the one that best suits you.

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