Ilhwa America was founded in 1975. They manufacture, distribute and represent a brand of Korean Ginseng that has a high reputation for quality. They maintain a high standard by using ingredients made from 4.5 – 5.5 year old, fresh, whole Korean roots chosen and harvested at the optimal level that ensure power and efficacy.

Ilhwa has been able to master this selection process for the last 30 years. Younger roots are not used because the active ingredient, i.e. the ginsenosides, only develop in the 4th and 5th year in the ginseng roots. And Ilhwa only uses a ‘whole root’ extraction rather than the ‘standardized’ extraction so as to retain the best quality of ginseng.

Ilhwa also uses a unique low heat vacuum extraction process that eliminates boiling, steaming and high heat. Because of this the Ginseng Extract maintains all of the key ingredients, like, most of the vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids that are usually lost in other types of preparation. Very important, too, is that Ginex Granules retain the optimum amount of Germanium, something that is considered by many researchers and medical professionals to be the worlds most effective natural blood cleanser.

As an organic mineral, Germanium is often eliminated during the high steam heating in the more conventional processing used with Red Ginseng.

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