Crohns Colitis for Children

Crohn's Disease in Children

It is increasingly common for children and young adults to be diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). This inflammatory condition of the gastro-intestinal tract, usually presents as Crohn’s Disease, which affects any part of the digestive system or Ulcerative Colitis, restricted to the colon and the rectum.

IBD is often diagnosed in young adults, but can be seen in children as young as seven. Though different diseases, the children have similar symptoms from mild to severe:

  • abdominal pain,
  • vomiting, diarrhea and cramps
  • rectal bleeding, weight loss and anemia

Crohn’s and Colitis are very manageable and despite claims that IBD is incurable, our 17 years of experience shows that reducing and managing symptoms naturally is possible. IBD responds well to a careful diet, effective prebiotics, probiotics and supplements.

Since most IBD treatments are based on adult experiences, children’s reaction to drugs are often  difficult to estimate. A natural approach is often more effective and safer.

Dr Pam Recommends:

  1. The Genova Lab Comprehensive Stool Analysis 2.0 Home Test (GSD6000) differentiates between IBD and IBS. The test also determines if your child has excess pathogenic bacteria, parasites or fungus. The lab grows out the pathogens and indicates which natural or medical agents are helpful in eliminating them.

  2. Breaking The Vicious Cycle (GOT1000) by Elaine Gottschall outlines an excellent 'Specific Carbohydrate Diet' for your child. Elaine was able to control her own young daughter's Ulcerative Colitis with diet alone.

  3. Use PerfectPass Probiotic (PSN2000) a spore bacillus probiotic supplement. Only 1 per day is needed, with no refrigeration necessary. It is designed to encourage diversity of good bacteria and clean up bad bacteria. They survive stomach acid 100% of the time. The bacillus species are anti-inflammatory in nature.

  4. Also use 2-4 gm of PerfectPass Prebiotic (PSN1000) daily. This is a 'natural fertilizer' to encourage your kid's natural probiotics get stronger and help increase their diversity. This PHGG prebiotic is odorless, tasteless and easy to give to kids. It's made from partially hyrolyzed guar gum that does not cause gastric side effects like inulin and FOS. It also does not feed bad bacteria.

  5. Dr Ohhira’s Professional Formula (OMX1030), Visbiome (VIS1000) and Garden of Life Kids Probiotics Powder (GAN1040) are lactobacillus strains that alleviate acute symptoms. They can also reduce the allopathic medication necessary to keep symptoms under control. It is often necessary to increase to loading doses.

  6. Garden of Life (GAN2010) Perfect Green Food is a good way to keep an alkaline environment that allows probiotics to thrive. Essential fatty acids are essential. Nordic Naturals Junior ProOmega (NNL3180) and Nordic Naturals DNA Junior (NNL1209) are good options

  7. Kids Spray Vitamins (DNA1005) are easy to administer and tastes good too.

  8. Goat's milk is an important consideration. Often children can tolerate goat's milk and not cow's milk.
    Read why Goat's milk is preferred to cow's milk for Children.
    Consider Goatein Protein powder as an excellent choice

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