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Learn About Natural Treatments For Crohns, Colitis And IBS. Plus 10% Off

VSL#3 Probiotic - Unflavored - 30 pack - 450 billion bacteria

VSL#3 Probiotic - Unflavored - 30 pack - 450 billion bacteria
(5.00) 5 raters
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Brand: Sigma Tau
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VSL#3® by Sigma Tau is probiotic medicinal food that aids in the dietary management of IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome), UC(Ulcerative Colitis), pouchitis, or an ileal pouch.

Unflavored VSL#3 contains Eight strains of live freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria:
-Streptococcus Thermophilus
-Bifidobacterium Breve
-B. longum
-B. Infantis
-L. Acidophilus
-L. Plantarum
-L. Paracasei
-L. Delbrueckii Subsp. Bulgaricus

Each packet contains 450 billion live probiotic bacteria, each box contains 30 packets.

Inactive ingredients:

Please note: Though the manufacturer allows VSL#3 to be stored for two weeks at room temperature, we take extra care to ship VSL#3 with thermal and ice packs. We only ship VSL#3 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, unless Overnight or Second Day Air is selected. Though we do not recommend shipping VSL on Thursday, or Friday, we can if necessary and requested.

Does VSL#3 really improve symptoms in patients with IBS? YES It Does!
Click Here
To read about fourty-eight studies conducted with VSL#3, and IBS patients.

Does VSL#3 really improve symptoms in patients with UC? YES It Does!
Click Here
To read about a study showing remission in 77% of patients with UC, with no adverse affects - Study conducted by Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

VSL#3 is Gluten Free, Kosher and Halal certified.
Shelf Life: Two years from manufacturing date when stored properly (36-46° F or 2-8° C)
Storage: All types of VSL#3 should be refrigerated (36-46° F or 2-8° C). VSL#3 may be stored at room temperature (77° F) for up to two weeks without adversely affecting potency


(5.00) 5 raters
I take VSL3 daily, it's REALLY helped my Ulcerative Colitis a lot. - Joel

vsl has helped my ulcerative colitis like no other product has - its amazing - don't miss a day. - Anonymous

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